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4-H Club

4-H Club
4-H Club

New 2012—2013, 4-H Connect Year Enrollment

The 4-H member enrollment process has begun. Remember that this

year has changes, as far as a required fee of $20 through October 31,

2012 and $25 through November 1, 2012 to the completion of the 2012-

2013 4-H Year. Please remember that all 4-H members must be officially

enrolled in an “active” status on 4-H Connect to be considered an official

4-H member. With fees in mind, payments will be through credit card/or e

check. Duplicated 4-H member profiles will not be approved. You will

have to re-submit profile. Please give Mary Patlan a call at (956)383-

1026 for email and password assistance for getting into your initial 4-H

Connect profile.