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2016 OAP - "Do Not Go Gentle"
2016 OAP - "Do Not Go Gentle"

 Puma Theatre Awards 2016-2017



The Drama Club is an afterschool club where students can participate in various aspects of theatre! Students DO NOT need to be enrolled in Theatre Arts class in order to join the club. Check the calendar link for info on upcoming Drama Club events!


Quick Facts:

  • Drama Club meetings are usually held once a week from 3:30-4:30pm in the Annex B Theatre.
  • REHEARSALS for plays are different from regular meetings, and are held 3-6 times a week.
  • Students are always released on time and must be picked up on time from wherever we are meeting/rehearsing. (Annex B or the PAC)
  • Drama Club uses a point system based on student attendance and participation in events and fundraisers.
  • If the student has MANY points, they will be rewarded and taken on the field trip. If the student has very few to NO points, they will not recieve rewards, such as field trips, raffle entries, or other incentives until their points are brought up.



  • Be respectful
  • Follow directions
  • Be prepared
    • Students should be sure to bring any needed items to events/plays and know their lines or technical cues.
    • Students must make sure parents/guardians are aware of what time student needs to get picked up and where.


 YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/CMSDramaChannel


How to Join:

Students may join Drama Club during the registration period set at the beginning of each school year. Requirements include:

  • Student must attend Student Orientation meeting
  • Parent/guardian must attend Parent Orientation meeting
  • Online registration form (made available during registration period) http://tinyurl.com/CMSDramaApp16-17
  • Membership fee of $20


Subscribe for Reminder Texts:

Students text the code @cmstheatre to the phone # 81010

Parents text the code @boostersDC to the phone # 81010



Rachel Saldana
email: rasaldana@wisd.us
phone: (956)969-6710

Classroom #: 706 (Annex B Theater)